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When to go
Best time to visit Sundsvall is definitely in July when the town is very lively and most people have their holidays. Sundsvall people living in "exile" in for example Stockholm usually return to their home soil making the clubbing scene extra busy.

"People are crazy up there"
A friend from Switzerland on visit in Sundsvall was more or less shocked by the fact that people seem to spend all their time outdoors in summer thanks to the endless bright summer nights (Quote: "People are crazy up there").

The editor´s ideal day may be spent like this:
Zip a coffee at the Charm outdoor cafe on Storgatan, then travel by motorbike to the popular and scenic Tranviken beach on Alnö island.

In the afternoon/evening return to the centre and visit a GIF Sundsvall football game and/or some of the following outdoor cafés or pubs: O´learys, Bishop´s arms, O´bar, Svenssons, Coffee House and Wayne´s Coffee.

Gatufesten street festival
Annually - first week of July
In July we host one of the largest street festivals in Sweden. The Gatufesten festival attracts up to 100 000 people. An estimated 40% of the visitors are assumed to be tourists.

This is THE major event in Sundsvall and THE week to be here. Summer, fun and a never ending flow of activities and artists on stage.

Average temperature (2003)
January 2003: -9.4° C. Hours of sun: 31 (!)
July 2003: +19° C. Hours of sun: 334

Temperature -9,6 -6,7 -2,9 2,2 8,3 13,1 15,8 13,9 9,6 4,9 -1,6 -8,3
Rainfall/snow 51 36 45 33 39 46 57 65 81 49 51 45

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