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Transports: Travel in/to/from Sundsvall
Sundsvall is a centre for transportation with European motorways and railways crossing the region. The regional airport of Midlanda is northern Sweden´s air-transport hub.

If you arrive from abroad to Stockholm you can travel North to Sundsvall by car (4-5 hours, 380 km), by high speed train (3 hours, 15 minutes) or by bus (5 hours) or by air (45-50 minutes).

The Sundsvall airport, Midlanda, is located 30 km north from Sundsvall.

Buses are for sure the cheapest travel alternative but also the most uncomfortable option.

By air
There are 3 airline companies operating from Sundsvall airport. Sundsvall has direct flights to Stockholm and Luleå.

For schedules and routes visit:
Scandinavian airlines

By train
X-2000 high speed trains make the 380 km journey to Stockholm in just over 3 hours. Convenient and safe. Recommended by the author. But the pricing system of the national train operator, SJ, is complex. You have to book and pay well in advance or travel off/odd hours to fully enjoy low prices.
SJ (State railway)

By bus
Ceris resor

Getting around in Sundsvall
To fully enjoy Sundsvall and its surroundings you need your own wheels. The bus network is slow, erratic and fairly expensive. I suggest you travel here by motorbike, car or rental car while in Sundsvall. This will make your stay more memorable and pleasant.

If you want to try your luck with the bus, you can find the schedule at the website Din Tur. You could also use the services of Taxi Sundsvall or Taxikurir.

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